Certificate BRC Agents & Brokers

Apri 2019

Certificate BRC Agents & Brokers - We are committed to the supply of safe, l...

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Quality and food safety.                                      Food safety, quality, product integrity and the operation of an effective Quality Management System are essential requirements within the food industry. As such, we are committed to the supply of safe, legal and trusted products and are certified for the BRC Agents & Brokers. We shall supply all the resources required to operate effective Quality Management Systems, taking relevant EU legislation into consideration, and maintaining accurate documentation to ensure full traceability and due diligence in its daily operations. These systems ensure that we can be trusted as a supplier and that the products supplied are of the highest quality, but are also processed and packaged under exacting standards of hygiene and comply with customer specifications. We are committed to developing and maintaining our excellent relationship with our suppliers and trading partners to ensure a trusted incoming supply of good quality raw materials..                                                            

Quality control is a non-stop process

Our quality control starts with our raw materials and the careful selection of our suppliers. Before our final product leaves the facility it undergoes extensive testing and analysing. Food safety is crucial and we are very aware of our responsibility. On top of this we enforce a system of strict quality checks, starting with the careful selection of our suppliers and extensive checks upon arrival of any raw material shipment, and ending with exit checks of our final product by independent laboratories.

Tisco BV also recognises the value of sustainability and as such maintains the SKAL certification. Tisco BV has a vast global network of suppliers who can meet our increasing need for organic ingredients. To be able to guarantee the origin of our raw materials, we apply a very strict selection process and we aim to build a long-term relationship and mutual commitment with our suppliers. Furthermore, we subject them to regular evaluations and inspections. All organic ingredients and final products are subjected to extensive testing and are analysed in accredited laboratories in order to guarantee that they meet all organic standards.

Product Development
When developing new products we like to work closely with our customers. We invite customers and prospects, so that we can brainstorm and experiment with new products. We enjoy a challenge and like to develop new varieties, healthy alternatives and inventive packaging solutions. With our customers we define the basic objectives and together we develop something new. We believe this close cooperation results in the best and most innovative products.