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Apri 2019

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In order to serve different customer fields, we work together with a few companies in the same company group. This way we can offer a wide range of products in different types of packaging material, shapes and sizes. Please feel free to ask about the companies within our group and their specialties.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


Trouw is a specialist in processing gluten free ingredients. Since 1702 Trouw was a buckwheat specialist but they can do so much more. For new innovations like flours from pulses Trouw is the best choice.

Time and time again they come up with new applications for all kinds of ingredients focussed on gluten free production.

Visit their website: Trouw Buckwheat


Dafco stands for Dutch Allergy Friendly Concepts. They provide private label solutions, food concept development and are a dedicated gluten free producer, as well as packaging facility for ready-to-use gluten free products.

Peaks is one of their own brands, which sells a wide range of gluten free products in The Netherlands and many other countries world wide.

Visit their website: Dafco & Peaks Free From

De Molukken B.V.

De Molukken B.V. is a specialist in spices and herbs. They can provide products in bulk as well as retail packaging. Every customer is unique and requires a well adjusted product. 

They produce tailor made spice blends but are also specialized in meeting their customers needs for more common ingredients.

Visit their website: De Molukken B.V.