An environmental
friendly process



CO2-pressure treatment

We provide CO2-pressure treatment as a service to all our products to avoid contamination with insects. Furthermore this treatment ensures an extended shelf life of the products.  

As it is an environmental and biological friendly process it is the ideal treatment to safeguard your (organic) food products. The treatment is officially organic certified.

Tisco is more...


Cleaning / Grinding / Blending:
Tisco is more than just a trading company. We have our own well-equipped production facility which allows us to provide additional services, like:

• Cleaning / Sorting by state-of-the-art computer controlled de-stoning machines, paddy-tables,
colour-sorters and x-rays-machines
• Grinding and Blending of gluten free flours and baking mixtures.

Tisco operates within conditioned warehouses where humidity as well as temperature are kept under control. We are able to keep thousands of tons of commodities at stock in our warehouses in a secure way.


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