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(Bakery) Seeds*: Buckwheat, hulled Buckwheat, unhulled Millet, hulled Flaxseed, brown Flaxseed, yellow Teff, brown Teff, "Ivory" Rice Quinoa Amaranth Corn Sesame seed, hulled Sesame seed, unhulled Sunflower kernels Pumpkin kernels Hemp seed Poppy seed blue Poppy seed yellow Pinetree kernels Goji berries
Broken seeds (grits)*: Buckwheat Rice Corn
Rolled flakes*: Buckwheat Rice Millet Soy Quinoa Amaranth
Extruded flakes*: Cornflakes (sweet) Cornflakes (salty) Cornflakes (natural) Buckwheat-Cornflakes Multi-Grain-Flakes
Instant flakes*: Buckwheat (natural) Buckwheat (apple / cinnamon) Buckwheat (honey) Millet Rice Quinoa Amaranth Amaranth Corn
Puffed products*: Buckwheat Rice
Roasted products*: Buckwheat (Kasha) Sunflower kernels Flaxseed
Flours*: Buckwheat Millet Teff, brown Teff, "Ivory" Rice Quinoa Amaranth Corn Soy, toasted (enzyme inactive) Soy, untoasted (enzyme active) Chickpeas Beans
Pulses (Beans)*: Adzuki beans Black Eye beans Borlotti beans Kidney beans white (navy) Kidney beans red Kidney beans black Mung beans White beans medium White beans large Soy beans white Soy beans yellow Soy beans black
Pulses (Lentils)*: Green lentils (China) Green lentils large (Canada) Green lentils small (Canada) Red lentils Red split lentils Brown lentils Dupuis lentils
Pulses (Peas)*: Chick peas 7mm Chick peas 8 mm Green peas Green split peas Yellow peas Yellow split peas
Glutenfree Baking Mixtures: Cake mix lemon with teff Bread mix for white bread Bread mix for brown bread Bread mix "Mix Me!" French pancake mix with teff* Cake mix*, vanilla American pancake mix Dutch farmers bread mix Universal baking mix with teff*
Baking Ingredients: Corn starch* Potato starch Gluten free wheat starch* Baking powder Xanthan gum Breadsalt Breadcrumbs

Ingredients for ready-instant_meals and babe food applications*:
Hulled Buckwheat Seed Instant
Hulled Buckwheat Flour Instant
Quinoa Seed Instant
Yellow Corn Instant creamy flour Instant (from whole kernel)
Yellow Corn Instant creamy flour Instant (from extruded flakes)
Yellow Corn Flour Instant
Semi-raw rice Seed Instant
Semi-raw rice Instant creamy flour Instant (from extruded flakes)
Red rice Thai Seed Instant
Chickpeas Flour Instant
Borlotti beans Flour Instant
Cannellini beans Flour Instant
Peas Flour Instant
Lentils Flour Instant
Chickpeas Flake Instant
Borlotti beans Flake instant
Cannellini beans Flake Instant
Peas Flake Instant
Lentils Flake Instant

Savoury Snacks - Real Japanese Rice Crackers*: Salad Shigure Hibiki (Improved) Koban Almond Arare Yuki mix Shin mix

  • Products marked with * are available in both conventional as certified organic quality.
  • Products which are not mentioned in this list are available on request.
  • Tisco – Trouw Ingredient Solutions Co. is part of Trouw b.v., Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


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